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  December 2014  
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Merry Christmas


Hi everyone,


Wishing all of you joy, relaxation, and peace during this winter break.  Next time you hear from me, it will be a new year and a new semester.


Semester one ends tonight (Friday, December 19, 2014) at 10:00 pm.  If students haven’t finished up their classes yet, please encourage them to keep working hard up to 10:00.  (Note:  If you are handing things in today, assignments might not get graded quickly.)


Special Note: Aleks math is a year long class.  Students need to be, at a MINIMUM, 35% complete with their  Aleks class.  This will put them on target to earn a 70%, which is the lowest PASSING grade in Aleks math.  (To calculate, look at their pie chart and take the topics they have mastered and divide by total topics).  If you want a B or an A then the percentages need to 45% - 50% complete.


School starts back up again on Tuesday, January 6th.


Semester two will start like semester one, where students will be required to come in 2 days the first week and 2 days the second week.  Below is the schedule for week one:


Tuesday, January 6th:


Grades 6-8:  9:00-12:00

Grades 9 & 10:  12:00-3:30


Wednesday, January 7th:


Grades 6-8:  9:00-12:00

Grades 11 & 12:  12:00-3:30


Thursday, January 8th:


Grades 6-8:  9:00-12:00 (optional)

Grades 9 & 10:  12:00-3:30


Friday, January 9th:


Grades 6-8:  9:00-12:00 (optional)

Grades 11 & 12:  12:00-3:30



Peak academy

-Joseph williams, 6th grade

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